Built World Forensics is a resource for those who provide expert forensic analysis and testimony for issues in the built world and for clients who are seeking to retain these kinds of experts. The site will no doubt also be helpful to those who are interested in learning more about this rapidly growing area. The work is sometimes referred to as property loss consulting, especially in the early days of an insurance claim. As time goes by the insurance claim often turns into litigation. Thus, the work can also be described as litigation support. Claims or cases may involve death or personal injury due to conditions in the built environment or conditions in the built world that are alleged to be dangerous or defective or damaged. Many cases fall into the area of construction defect consulting. After catastrophic events like hurricanes or earthquakes, there is often an enormous need for design professionals to evaluate structures and conditions. What I call “built world forensics” is often described as “forensic engineering”, a term I do not prefer because it seems to exclude architects. Many clients when seeking an expert tend to think only of retaining an engineer based on a lack of understanding of the experience and capabilities of architects. Unless a case is primarily regarding a structural failure, the architect is usually the better choice but the industry does not understand this very well.

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