Daniel Hogan, RA, AIA

Expert Forensic Analysis/Testimony for Issues in the Built World

With over 35 years of vast and deep experience in complex and complicated design and construction of buildings and sites, Daniel Hogan excels at expert forensic analysis of codes and conditions where failure, damage, deterioration, death or injury has occurred anywhere in the built environment. From immediate on-site emergency response through composed expert sworn testimony on the stand, Hogan possesses the perfect set of skills and experience to assist the trier of fact in appropriately deciding outcomes. His ability to clearly and simply communicate to those outside the profession the precise truth about any confusing or complicated code or condition has earned him a great welcome in the courtroom and with a large network of over 7000 attorneys, insurance professionals, higher education institutions and design professional peers.
Hogan has an extensive proven history of effectiveness/high client satisfaction in the following areas:
Review of Applicable Building Codes, Standards, Guidelines, Standard of Care, Upgrades/Betterments
Analysis of Conditions and Codes and Appropriate Remediation after Fires or Similar Building Damage
Building Science Issues and Fundamentals of Design in the Built Environment
Inspections and Analysis for Large-Scale Building Envelope Construction Defect Litigation
Overseeing Design and Construction for Large-Scale Complex Construction Projects
Large-Scale Roof System Failures/Damage Including Liquid Applied Roof Membranes/Coatings
Cause and Origin Reports for Building Envelope Failures/Water Infiltration/Mold Conditions
Small and Large-Scale Roof and Ceiling Collapses/Construction Defects in Structural Systems
Injuries or Death from Claimed Deficiencies in Stairs, Sidewalks, Parking Lots, Porches, Balconies
Cause and Origin Reports for Frozen or Broken Pipe Damage Including Wood Floor Damage
Inspections and Analysis of Conditions or Damage Claims at Historic Brick Masonry Structures
Property Condition Analysis and Impact of New Construction on Existing Adjacent Structures




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